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Social Media has most of us hooked on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter…just to name a few! WhatsApp seems to be the platform of choice for most family chat groups to share family photos and videos.  Never in history were family & friends able to communicate and share their lives to the level we are experiencing now.  Years ago, communication was very slow, everyone wrote letters which took time to arrive and even longer to get a response to…and if it was urgent, a telegram had to be sent.  How life has changed…communication is now instantaneous and we have all but become publishers in our own rights, even the ‘tiniest’ of us has a voice now!  I am eager to find out what the next big thing is going to be…it is almost unthinkable that it can get better than this!

Something you see more of nowadays are family-tree websites. Many of us, especially the older ones, are curious to find out where we originally came from, where our families lived and what they were really like?  We wonder what they looked like, if there were distinctive character traits and personalities types…are some of us virtual copies of our ancestors? We now live in an age where this need not be something our great-grandchildren have to wonder about! We now have the tools and means to have a record of every family member, from cradle-to-grave….what they looked liked and sounded like.  We can watch them and re-live their milestones and celebrations captured in photos and videos…what a privilege to live in this digital age!

Websites are digital records that can for a nominal annual fee stay your property for as long as you wish.  They can be changed and added onto. The latest craze is to keep the wedding website and to enhance them to become family sites where pregnancy notifications, births, pets, hobbies and special celebrations are recorded.  It becomes a platform where important family photos are added and archived…easily recalled and viewed.  With time, as the family grows, pages are added and the website’s timeline grows like a young tree, taller and bigger, branching out into different directions as grandchildren and great-grandchildren are added, eventually forming a family tree!

At Pettey-Tredoux, we can build a wedding website for you and then help you grow it into a family website, tailor-made to realize a legacy of memories of you and generations to come.


Good question!  Everything is questionable when you work on a budget for your wedding as it always comes down to what you feel is essential to create that perfect wedding.

Is a wedding website one of those essentials? Most couples do not send out printed wedding invites anymore as they did in the good old days.  Most couples will nowadays send out a ‘Save a Date’ E-mail or WhatsApp, followed by a digital invite later on. Whilst this is an effective and virtually cost-free way to invite your guests, it does not match the beautiful, gold embossed invitation cards we used to receive in our mailboxes. Those beautiful invitations set the tone of the wedding you are being invited to…it spoke of class and tradition. Everything you do, from the invites you send to the thank you notes after the wedding, there is a certain style…like a golden thread pulled through every aspect of your wedding.

The value for money comes in the elaborate display of those unforgettable and special moments that a website gives you.  It is a gallery of pictures and stories that tells your love story, from the first day you met, the day you realised that you had fallen in love, the proposal, engagement party, etc.  It is far more than the beautifully embossed invitation card in the mail.  It gives your family, friends and acquaintances a glimpse into your life like nothing else before…’hoorah’ for the digital and social media age! This digital platform also gives you the functionality to send invites, receive RSVP’s where your guests indicate their dietary requirements and song choices to dance to at your reception. Nearby accommodation options can be shared with your guests that need to travel to your wedding, with possibly negotiated rates obtained from these establishments. You can communicate with your guests through Blogs (like this one) and give updates, recommendations, babysitting arrangements, etc. Anything you can dream of can be incorporated into your website, to give your invitees seamless wedding co-ordination and a visual masterpiece…and after the wedding, you can share your honeymoon and wedding photos & videos, as many as you want, instantly, to everyone and anyone.

Your website can be further enhanced by including direct links to the Gift Registries you have registered at shops like @Home.  The links in your website will take them directly to your page in the Gift Registries, without having to go the long route of finding these shop’s website addresses first.  The added benefit is that invitees can shop online and have the gifts delivered to their homes without them having to go and physically purchase the items at the shop. Even if some of your invitees cannot attend your wedding, they can still have the option of buying a gift and having it delivered to your home before the wedding.

WOOCommerce websites also gives you the ability to incorporate an Online Shop, much like this Pettey-Tredoux Wedding Concierge website.  Your Gift Registry items can be downloaded into your Online Shop without having to link to the Gift Registry sites, which also allows you to add items from shops that do not have Gift Registries (this would have to be bought the old fashioned way, at least you can list your favourite ‘want-to-have’s and ensure that gifts are not duplicated). An added feature is that your guests can upload their photos and messages during the wedding to your website Gallery.

So, to answer the question whether a wedding website is essential, the answer is YES…especially if you want to create a sophisticated and memorable wedding.

Is it worth it…I think so!