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Property Maintenance

We look after your Tenants

Who better to manage your property than a Dainfern Landlord? We own multiple properties in the Dainfern area and have been managing our own tenants for the last 15 years. Through our experience we have created sound relationships with cost effective and reliable service providers such as plumbers, electricians, handyman, to name a few. As Landlords we understand that our properties need to be maintained but it need not include unnecessary work that will increase the cost. We will inspect each repair and/or maintenance job to ensure that it is done properly and within the brief

24 Hour Repair & Maintenance Services

Within the Dainfern & Steyn City Precincts


Timing is everything when it comes to replacing geysers

Every home has to deal with the replacement of Geysers from time to time. Ensuring there is hot water is a priority. We will deal directly with your Insurer, arrange quotations for their approval and oversee the immediate installation



There is nothing more annoying than power tripping all the time

We have Electricians on stand-by that will resolve any electrical problem your Tenant might experience…through fault-finding they will identify the problem and repair it on the spot



Toilets, Washbasins, Showers, Pipes, etc.

It goes without saying that leaks are inevitable and would require a plumbing specialist to repair it.  We have Plumbers on stand-by to help when water pipes spring a leak or you have a sewerage problems


Roof Leaks

Broken Tiles are the biggest culprits when it comes to Roof Leaks

Maintaining your roof is an ongoing maintenance necessity, especially when it comes to flat roofs. Regular sealing and painting of flat roofs will prevent seepage into your walls and resultant damp problems


Broken Glass Windows

Living on Golf Estates can be hazardous when Golf Balls frequently break a Glass Pane

We will deal directly with your Insurer, arrange quotations for their approval and oversee the installation of your new Glass panels


White Goods

Most rentals include White Goods like Fridges, Washing Machines and Dishwashers

We have White Good repairers on call that will repair any of your appliances within 24 hours


Pest Control

Gauteng is well known for it’s ongoing Ant & Cockroach infestations

Overseas Tenants are not used to the pest infestations we frequently have to deal with. We have pest control specialists that will ensure that they bring any infestation under control



Making sure your Garden gets enough water is always a challenge with Tenants

We know that Gardeners and Garden Services are not focused on dry areas in your garden. Maintaining your Irrigation System is key to making sure that all the plants in your garden are watered regularly.


Gate Motors

You are bound to have a problem with your Gate Motors during the course of a Lease

From time to time, gate motors malfunction and need to be repaired to provide the ease and security your Tenants require



We can White Box your home once tenants have moved out, removing nails and painting affected walls

Beside White Boxing the interior of your home to prepare for the next Tenant, the exterior of your home might need partial or a full re-paint to keep it looking sharp

What Sets us Apart?

The dedication and work ethic at our family run business is unmatched! We give you as much time and personal attention that is needed to ensure that your home is maintained properly. We are highly skilled and our attention to detail is our hallmark trait…we know that small things matter and we aim to keep your Tenant happy and feel ‘looked after’.