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Marriage Counselling


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Price quoted is per one hour sessions, the 1st session is FREE

Here is a list of some of the topics we often discuss with couples before the big day:

  • Goal setting and expectations for your marriage
  • How to deal with extended family
  • Effects of upbringing on your future marriage
  • Religious beliefs & practices
  • Sexual preferences/ intimacy expectations
  • Finances / How do you handle money?
  • Gender roles in the marriage
  • Expectations for household duties & chores
  • Raising children: parenting & discipline styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication styles
  • Expectations of personal space and time / having friends of your own; needing privacy, etc.
  • Uncomfortable discussions that need to be had / Time to come clean

It’s helpful and wise to discuss these topics in a calm and un-rushed manner, so that when a situation arises, you’ll both know what to expect – reducing the stress of the situation and greatly improving your chances to grow and thrive as a married couple


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