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Wedding Invites

Create your own Website to send invites, manage RSVP’s and write your own Blog

Invites are sent directly via a link to your own website where your family & friends can view your unique love story…written in your own words, with a gallery of your photos. Invitees can manage their RSVP’s directly on your website, listing their dietary requirements and pick-a-song choices. If selected, your guests will also have access to your Gift Registry, Online Shop, Blog, nearby Accommodation and Travel Arrangement pages. Guests will also be able to upload their photos & messages to your website Gallery during the wedding



Create your dream wedding with floral palettes that are moody & bright, with vibrant colours and deep hues

Flowers are a key component of most wedding decor, they add drama & style…and we’ve got all the dreamiest floral inspirations you’ll want! Peonies, daisies, roses, proteas, orchids…and all the pretty blooms that are available in season. We take floral design from decor to artwork, even on a small budget. See our floral options in our Online Shop


Table Decor

Table Decor sets the tone of your wedding…it’s an expression of who you are

Saving money does not mean that you have to skimp on style. To create a truly unforgettable wedding, let us style your Sweetheart & Wedding tables for you…from seating to tabletop, we’ll bring style, drama and romance! If you want crystal glasses & vases, spectacular centerpieces and unique table numbers, we can find affordable decor options for you



Destination Weddings usually require overnight accommodation arrangements

Make sure your guest’s accommodation & travel arrangements are taken care of long before your wedding day, by listing on your own website suggestions of Hotels & BB’s close to your wedding venue. Your guests can book their accommodation and travel arrangements long in advance and even have a look at your suggestions of activities in the area.


Gift Registry

As it is customary to give a wedding present, why not have your own Gift Registry

Your wedding website can have it’s own Gift Registry link and Online Shop. Make it simpler for your guests to have a direct link into your registry pages at @Home and the like…they can pay online and have it delivered to their home without having to go out and buy it themselves. Additionally, we can create an Online Shop on your website for those random favourite items not available at these registries



The soul of a wedding celebration is defined in the quality of the Music & Entertainment

Looking for wedding entertainers can be a tiresome task and finding an act that plays the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance, can be daunting. We are well connected and can help you select the best DJ or band, in your preferred genre and style…at preferential rates! Mob entertainment is the latest craze but whatever ideas you have to entertain your guests and make your wedding unforgettable, we can help


Wedding Officer

“By the power invested in me, I now declare you married“

Do you want to create a warm, dignified and celebratory atmosphere at your wedding ceremony? Our in-house Marriage Officiators are fun & engaging and will make your ceremony meaningful and memorable. They will help you choose the best style and approach that reflects you, your world-view, culture and your wishes…whether it is religious or non-religious, straight or gay


Marriage Counselling

If you want to get good at loving, you have to go into training

Even the happiest and most prepared couples will benefit from pre-marital counselling – it can help you and your partner identify issues that will inevitably surface at some point in your marriage. Give yourselves an advantage by addressing common marital challenges before they arise and set your marriage up for success


Wedding Cakes

Explore various designs from the glamorous and opulent to the more understated chic cake

Modern wedding cakes can have royal icing, fondant, and buttercream in a whirlwind of combinations, and can have cakes in multiple flavors across multiple tiers. Our wedding cake bakers are not only experts in delivering the tastiest of cakes but they understand that every cake has to reflect the style and panache of each wedding


Make-up & Hair Stylist

To look your very best you will need make-up artists and hair stylists that are specialists in their trade

From bold lips to monochromatic palettes, barely-there glows, classic to edgy, our professional Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists will make your natural beauty shine through


Concierge Services

All the little things that go into planning a wedding…

There are so may elements to wedding planning and like any Hotel Concierge, we are ready and waiting to fulfill any wish you might have…that is after all what you would expect from a Five Star Concierge Service! We collaborate with all the Wedding Industry Professionals and at a minimal fee, we will procure/arrange/plan anything you need


Wedding Cars

“The cars we drive say a lot about us.” — Alexandra Paul

To make your wedding day as special and unique as possible, make your wedding car choice a little more unusual than the standard fare. We have a range of classic cars for weddings, from Rolls Royce’s & Bentleys to Mustangs & Mercedes convertibles



After the “I Do’s“ have lazy days relaxing with the love of your life at your dream destination

Your most romantic & memorable holiday as a couple will undoubtedly be your Honeymoon. Make the start of your marriage unforgettable…from exotic destinations like Thailand & Bali to tropical islands like Mauritius, Seychelles & Maldives. Let our Travel Specialists help you find that magic honeymoon destination…we cater for every taste!