Pettey-Tredoux Concierge

About Us

What Sets us Apart?

The dedication and work ethic at our family run business is unmatched…our passion is to create dream weddings! We give you as much time and personal attention that is needed to ensure that your dream wedding becomes a reality. We are highly skilled and our attention to detail is our hallmark trait…we know that small things matter and we aim to create that ‘perfect’ magic! No matter your budget, we will make sure that your big day is graceful, stylish and unforgettable

Our Management Team


Jacques & Ian

Jacques & Ian are the Founders & Owners of Pettey-Tredoux Concierge.

Jacques Tredoux & Ian Pettey met in Windhoek, Namibia and after nearly a 30 year relationship, decided to get married in 2014. They changed their surname to Pettey-Tredoux when their daughter, Kate, was due to be born in September 2015. Jacques’ passion is decor and floral design whilst Ian’s passion is working with people. The desire to live out their passions resulted in them creating Pettey-Tredoux Concierge.

Both Jacques & Ian are Owners & Managing Directors of international moving firms and have gained valuable experience in logistical planning & co-ordination.  They make sure that clients get the best service and value for money.


Heather & Naas

Heather & Naas Tredoux are Marriage Councillors and conduct Marriage Counselling online.

Heather was born and raised in the USA and Naas was born and raised in South Africa.  By the time they got married and had their first child, they had lived on three continents and many more countries. During those years, they worked in various career fields centered around helping people develop better relationships. They worked with men & women from different ethnic & religious groups, couples with differing political views and people who have different sexual orientations. What all of these couples had in common was a desire to figure out how to grow and maintain happy relationships.

Heather’s formal education includes a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology. Naas’ formal education includes a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Divinity.


Lesley & Andrew

Lesley & her team manage the accommodation and travel arrangements for Pettey-Tredoux Concierge.

Lesley & Andrew Drummond are the owners of The Silver Sixpence Wedding Venue near Machadodorp.  They have hosted hundreds of weddings over the years and have had rave reviews for their exceptional wedding-planning skills.

Lesley (nee Pettey) manages The Silver Sixpence and is responsible for the planning and execution of each wedding they host. She oversees the setting-up of the venue, the menu selection with their in-house Chef & manages their wedding lodge, Cairnfern at The Silver Sixpence. Andrew is an architect by trade and is semi-retired from his firm, Drummond & Associates. He now manages the Cairnfern farm, which includes The Silver Sixpence and the Cairnfern Lodges.